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We invited friends and colleagues to contribute stories for this book who had shared, at various times, that their ancestors/departed loved ones showed up in particular ways. Culturally, we are taught to ignore these signs and symbols, that we are even "off" or "crazy" to think along these lines. All of these stories, however, embrace and celebrate this beautiful communication. 

This collection of stories is offered in the spirit of Love and from the wisdom of the soul which knows there is no distance between hearts and minds. 

May the peace and joy in these pages fill you to overflowing.

 Some images from the book (illustrations by Natalia Zukerman) 

Some advance praise for the book:

“Signs and Symbols of our Ancestors is a vital treasure”

“Natalia Zukerman and Lisa Ferraro invite us to open ourselves to untapped potential to connect with curiosity and creativity to deeper modes of experience in ways that our scientistic, corporate culture numbs us to. At this moment in human history, when the confluence of current events and media manipulation drives us to close our minds and narrow our beliefs, Signs and Symbols of our Ancestors is a vital treasure.”

-Sharna Olfman, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and editor/contributor to the Childhood In America book series Her books include Childhood Lost (2004) and Child Honoring: How To Turn This World Around (with Raffi Cavoukian, 2006).

“Inspiring and life affirming..."


“This sweet book brings together brief, sincere personal stories by people, each suffering after the loss of a loved one. The accounts vary in literary sophistication, the forms of connection differ, but the overall experience reading the book is to reinforce one's conviction that souls live after death and can communicate with us when the ties of love are strong. Taken together, the stories are inspiring and life affirming; Lisa and Natalia have done a real service in collecting them and presenting them together.”

-Sara K Winter, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Antioch  University (Los Angeles)

…the stories you are about to read are inspiring and provide a deep comfort…what a gift!"

“As a hospice social worker who has heard many stories for almost three decades from those who have suffered the loss of loved ones, I can say the stories you are about to read are inspiring and provide a deep comfort. Thank you to those who have gone before us and have given us signs that they are close at times. The messages they send help us to process our grief and bring us peace.

And thank you to those who had the courage to share these stories- what a gift!”

-Fran Bednar, LISW-S

"For the sake of the healing of our hearts, and our planet."

"This book is such a source of solace and strength for the soul; when I read it, I wept cleansing and healing tears. My frozen grief was thawed by the powerful warmth and light each of these tales and images emitted. Thank you for birthing this into our fractured, fragmented, and fragile world."

-Rabbi David Ingber, Founder and Senior Rabbi, Romemu

Signs & Symbols FC hi-res-2.jpg

Ancestor Cards

A beautiful deck of 25 spirit-filled cards with the original artwork from the book. Use these cards daily as you would any deck of spirit cards. Enjoy the questions/prompts to ignite your creativity. Each deck comes with its own velvet drawstring bag.


Thank You to our Contributers

-Allen Angel Reader. Observer of nature.

-Amber Darland Singer-songwriter. Teacher. Parent. Creative.

-Andrea Elliott Acupuncturist/Chinese Herbal Medicine Specialist.  Rainforest Enthusiast. 

-Anne Heaton Healing Humor & Happiness Soul. Song Maker.  Coffee Drinker.

-Billie Gray Educational Consultant. Grief Coach. Mentor.  

-Bob Lipetz Life enthusiast. Word Whisperer.

-Carolyn Gerdeman Seeker. Music Lover. Singer. Gigi. Integral part  of Universe.

-Rev. Christie Hardwick Spirit evangelist. Author. Singer. Songwriter.  Gmama. Adventurer.

-Deirdre Michael Urban planner. Musician. Rabbit hole enthusiast.  

-Dominique Sacco Jesus follower. Wife. Mother. Animal lover

-Emily Huber Health and wellness practitioner. Teacher. Lover to  all.

-Eugenia Zukerman Flutist. Writer. Television commentator. Mom.  GrammE. Lover of long walks.

-Gary Lynn Floyd Singer. Songwriter. Artist. Human. Being.

-Kate Mapother Writer. Poet. Instagram: @brightenuff.  

-Kira Simring Mama. Artist. Director.

-Kris Kollasch Artist. Designer. Curator. Animal Lover. Believer in  Miracles.

-Mai Bloomfield Writer. Musician. Singer. Artist. Explorer.  Francophile. Foodie. Nature-Lover.

-Margaret Ficarri-Ferraro Mother. Nunny. Baker. Cook. Homemaker.

-Marie Martini Healer. Wonder seeker. Intuitive. Curious mind. Spontaneous spirit.

-Safiya Randera Artist. Wizard.

-Sarah Barab Holistic astrologer. Somatic therapist. Filmmaker.  Buddhist. Friend.

-Sifu Helen Yee Teacher of internal energy systems: Chigong and Tai Chi Master.

-Terry Iacuzzo Psychic. Tarot scholar. Golden Heart. Saint.

Book design by Liz Kalloch

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