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About Armature Publishing


At Armature Publishing, we are committed to helping writers and artists fulfill their creative dreams by putting meaningful, beautiful and impactful works of art into the world. We believe that each individual has a unique and important story to be told and we are dedicated to helping every soul's calling find its voice. 

Our Team

Co Publisher: Natalia Zukerman

Co Publisher: Lisa Ferraro

Managing Editor: Daniel Dyer

Design and layout: Natalia Zukerman, Lisa Ferraro, Daniel Dyer and Liz Kalloch

Cover Art and Design: Natalia Zukerman

Developmental Editor: Cara Armstrong

Publicist: Saimma Dyer

Social Media: Alison Newell

Copy Editors: Lisa Ferraro, Natalia Zukerman and Greg Adair

Asst. social media: Juliet Vorster

Web Design and Development: Alexis Cason

Proof Reader: Edna King

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